District 5 belongs to all of us.

As your Councilmember I am fighting for our families, our community safety, and for greater economic opportunities for all. 

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thank you for believing in our vision


Together, we are building a collective movement where every person, and every neighborhood feels heard and is equally represented. Stand with us.


Elected Officials


  • Ann Kirkpatrick, Congresswoman District 2

State Legislators

  • Charlene Fernandez, State Representative LD4

  • Diego Espinoza, State Representative LD19

  • Lela Alston, State Senator LD24

  • Jennifer Longdon, State Representative LD24

  • Isela Blanc, State Representative LD26

  • Cesar Chavez, State Representative LD29

  • Robert Meza, State Senator LD30

City Councilmembers

  • Lauren Kuby, Tempe City Councilwoman

  • Thelda Williams, Phoenix City Councilwoman District 1

  • Debra Stark, Phoenix City Councilwoman District 3

School Board Members

  • Katie Paetz, Osborn School District

  • Ylenia Aguilar, Osborn School District

  • Berdetta Hodge, Tempe Union High

Formerly Elected

  • Terry Goddard, Attorney General of Arizona

  • Mary Rose Wilcox, Maricopa County Supervisor

  • Corey Woods, Tempe City Council


I want to see District 5 continue to serve as an example of what can happen when communities come together. I’m proud of what we have already accomplished together:

• Secured $2.6 million for Phoenix Head Start Pre-K

• Secured $7.4 million in private investment for District 5

• Led effort to pass $200 million repaving program With your help we can continue making our community safer and stronger, while providing real opportunities for everyone.