District 5 belongs to all of us.

As your Councilmember I am fighting for our families, our community safety, and for greater economic opportunities for all.


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Vania Guevara is a first-generation Salvadoran American. She is running for District 5 of the Phoenix City Council where 75 languages are spoken daily.


thank you for believing in our vision

Vania's Endorsements

Together, we are building a collective movement where every person, and every neighborhood feels heard and is equally represented. Stand with us.


The vision for

District 5

Our District 5 should be a place where everyone feels safe, neighborhoods are vibrant, and businesses are thriving. I want to see District 5 continue to serve as an example of what can happen when communities come together. Our collective efforts will help us thrive and I cannot do this alone. With your support, we can ensure that we live in a district that we can proudly call home.

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