Main Issues

While I come to this position with the experience and education to deliver for the residents of District 5, I believe that learning and listening will be on ongoing part of the journey.  I am committed to serving the needs of our community first, while working with all of my colleagues on the Phoenix City Council to ensure Phoenix continues to be the City that we can all proudly call home.


Every resident in District 5 deserves to feel safe and welcome in their community. Community safety is important to all of us. A District with strong educational and economic opportunities is a safe District. I believe in a holistic approach to crime prevention and public safety. This includes promoting strong community input and partnership with police.

I have experienced the cultural and community vibrancy of District 5. There are 75 languages spoken every single day. I love walking around my neighborhood and hearing children speak multiple languages. The diversity of our communities is something that should be celebrated. 


District 5 is a place ready for continued responsible development and job growth. West Phoenix can become the next destination for inclusive investment. I will work closely with the development community to connect economic opportunities to our neighborhoods for the benefit of all. All City programs and initiatives need to include those I serve and stretch to the farthest reaches of District 5. Everyone should benefit. This includes Complete Streets and other infrastructure investment, the goal of 25 percent shade canopy by 2030, and our PHX C.A.R.E.S initiative to support those experiencing homelessness and the neighborhoods most impacted.