Main Issues

While I come to this position with the experience and education to deliver for the residents of District 5, I believe that learning and listening will be an ongoing part of the journey.  I am committed to serving the needs of our community first, while working with all of my colleagues on the Phoenix City Council to ensure Phoenix continues to be the City that we can all proudly call home.


Every resident of District 5 deserves to feel safe and welcome in their community. The relationship between police and residents must be based on trust, accountability, and transparency.

  • Provide first responders with the tools they need to keep our communities safe

  • Use community policing practices that make residents feel safer – regardless of where they live

  • Train and re-train officers in de-escalation tactics to keep communities and officers safe

Phoenix only succeeds if we all succeed. I will fight every day for the support needed to address the growing epidemic of homelessness in our district.

  • Create more affordable housing for residents and fund programs to keep people in their homes

  • Work with local, state, and federal partners to secure funding for mental health programs

  • Work with the VA to address the rising problem of veterans’ homelessness



I'm proud to have pushed forward a $200 million plan to repave and repair our city streets. The city must deliver core services as efficiently as possible to all residents, no matter where they live.

• Continue bringing City Hall to our neighborhoods through in-district community office hours

• Continue working with residents to complete neighborhood improvement projects they request like speed bumps, street lights, and securing crime-prone alleys

By working with employers, encouraging entrepreneurship, and connecting residents with job training programs, West Phoenix can become an economic engine, providing opportunities for all.

• Develop programs like Our Maryvale that connect our communities with employers

• Encourage entrepreneurship by helping projects that bring people together like The Hive

• Promote job training programs like Code PHX, that develop